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'Trace' is now 'Vectorize' in Rhino v6 and v7

Vectorize plugin for Rhino 6 or 7 Windows and Mac.

   The developer of the Trace plugin passed away a few months ago.  Dale Fugier, one of our Rhino developers, wrote the Vectorize plugin to replace the Trace plugin.  Thanks Dale.  And also thanks to Gérard Bouteau, the original developer of 'Trace'.


In Rhino 6 or 7, Trace is replaced with 'Vectorize'.  Trace will NOT run in Rhino 7. 

The Link:  Vectorize for Rhino 6 or 7

Images for Trace or Vectorize practice


The Video:  Vectorize Video


The Video:  Trace Video    (video will demonstrate the steps listed below):

1 cmd: Trace or Vectorize. (as you 'play' with the settings remember the 'Default Value' button... don't worry)

2 cmd:  SelOpenCrv.   Used to find open curves. 

3 cmd:  'ShowEnds' will help you locate the openings.  A new command with CrvStart, CrvEnd, etc to help you locate the openings in your curves.

4 Use an appropriate command(s) to 'close' up the open curve(s) with the goal of 'closed' geometry.



For v5 users, Inkscape is a useful tool to create curves from an image. 

     Scroll down Projects/Tutorials/Tab.

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