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Pete Sorenson's magazine articles & tips / tricks.

Pete's 'one-pagers'   for the cnc mill or router.

Pete's 'one-pagers' sketching   for sketching ideas

Pete's 'one-pagers' Drafting    for drafting ideas 

  Pete's Dome project summer 2018  

Use this Word Doc and make changes as needed. Get back to Pete if you see changes you would like to see in the tutorial.     Pete@mcneel.com

3d Dome / box from Summer workshops

Pete's articles:    Thanks to The Village Press for allowing us to use these articles:

Use Rhino to help write G-code                Digital Machinist

Build an Index Fixture for cnc                      Digital Machinist

Part Holding: Vacuums and Bridges          Digital Machinist

Homemade Hand Tapper                          The Home Shop Machinist


Part holding Wedge pdf  Create a simple part holding jig that is perfect for a one-time setup of your router for use by multiple students.

Part holding Glue & Paper pdf  One of the best tried and true systems.  Glue your part to paper and paper to your 'goof-plate' material.

Vacuum Fixture pdf  Click the link to see the pdf with images and suggestions for using 3 vacuum holding fixtures.  

Feeler Gauge position pdf shows you how to use a feeler gauge to set the machine position on a CNC Router or Milling machine.

Paper Box Model   downloadable file

Making a paper box  word document.  (click the link and the doc file will download to your computer)

Gear Design model w Notes

Information in File, Notes.



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