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Pete Sorenson's magazine articles & useful tips & tricks.

  Pete's Dome project summer 2018  

Use this Word Doc and make changes as needed. Get back to Pete if you see changes you would like to see in the tutorial.     Pete@mcneel.com

3d Dome / box from Summer workshops 2017

Pete's articles:    Thanks to The Village Press for allowing us to use these articles:

Use Rhino to help write G-code                Digital Machinist

Build an Index Fixture for cnc                      Digital Machinist

Part Holding: Vacuums and Bridges          Digital Machinist

Homemade Hand Tapper                          The Home Shop Machinist


Part holding Wedge pdf  Create a simple part holding jig that is perfect for a one-time setup of your router for use by multiple students.

Part holding Glue & Paper pdf  One of the best tried and true systems.  Glue your part to paper and paper to your 'goof-plate' material.

Vacuum Fixture pdf  Click the link to see the pdf with images and suggestions for using 3 vacuum holding fixtures.  

Feeler Gauge position pdf shows you how to use a feeler gauge to set the machine position on a CNC Router or Milling machine.

Paper Box Model   downloadable file

Making a paper box  word document.  (click the link and the doc file will download to your computer)

Gear Design model w Notes

Information in File, Notes.



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