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Getting Started

 Start Rhino          

1 Click Help 

2 Click Learn Rhino  

3 Click Tutorials and Samples   (command: tutorials)

4 Click User's Guide and work some of the lessons.  

                                  (scroll to the UserGuide pdf)

OR:  Go to the User Guide Tutorials in the tabs at the top of the Rhino in Education main page.

Find a project on the  Posted Pages       Table of Contents     Use Search Boxes


Find an area of interest on the  Tutorials/Projects/Videos Page 


New to Rhino, some Rhino experience?  You will like the videos here:   

                             Download Rhino      PC or Mac

                  Videos for newer Rhino users

                  Google: Type: Rhino tutorials for new Rhino users

New to Rhino ?  Here is another direction you can go:

                  Video Tutorials for Rhino users... by topic

Curriculum Guide Doc files download    Download the file before 'unzipping' it.

Training Materials:

V6 Training materials:   The Link:   v6 (and beyond) Training Guides:

New:  Rhino v6 Level one training manual and models

New:  Rhino v6 Level two training manual and models

New:  Rhino v6 User Guide and models                    

Exercises and Page numbers v5 to v7 Rhino, L1 Training Manual

Cheat Sheet   This sheet is a pdf that you can use to update page numbers and exercises as you update rubrics

V5 Training materials:   

          Rhino 5 Level 1 Training manual & models     Level 1 manual and models. (Sept 30, 2013 release)

          Rhino 5 Level 2 Training manual & models     Level 2 manual and models. (Aug 8, 2013 release)

Download the User Guide:   

          Rhino User Guide & models (Windows) 

          Rhino User Guide & models (Mac)

          User Guide... tutorials and files


On-Line Help... v6

 On-Line Help... v5






Go to Getting Started, Tutorials/Models page:  Tutorials Page 

Click this link: Exercise 1 V5  (L1 Training manual)

The Model:  Start.3dm 


On-Line Help ... V4 



V4 flashlight tutorial  Click "Getting Started Tutorials" link.





Some teachers are asking for the Rhino Rubber Duck in pdf. There are two:

 Click this link:  Duck exercise in V4 'help'

 Click this link:  Duck exercise in Level 1 manual v4





  Rhino Teacher Workshop Schedule

Contact Jody Mills  to host a teacher workshop: jody@mcneel.com


'Project Based Learning' from the Rhino Curriculum Guide:

 Design Activities Process & Design Loops










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