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Jump in with a couple of students and turn them loose on the links, documents, videos, files, etc.  They will find something to connect them to Grasshopper.

Start by clicking this link:  Grasshopper Home Page

.............click the 'Learn' Tab'   'Getting Started'........

Google:  Grasshopper3d video tutorials

Explore some of these videos to see what you can do with GH.  Work along with a video.  Utilize the 'Pause' when viewing the video.  Again, there might a tutorial 'out there' that will grab a student's attention.  


      Digital Toolbox

           Click the 'Grasshopper' link on the toolbar. Then choose 'Basic' to get started with some very user friendly videos: 

for Rhino v5.   Grasshopper is built-in to v6 Rhino:

Grasshopper Download page

Grasshopper Tutorials page

Video Building a Cabinet with Grasshopper   Vimeo video tutorial by Brian James.

This is a very good video to follow along, use the pause button, and work your own model with Brian as he constructs this project.

Three models, definitions, and videos for 'Getting Started' with Grasshopper:  (old but very good.  No sound.  Pause and work along. by McNeel Miami)

1 GH Umbrella video

1 GH Umbrella model and definition

2 GH stairs video

2 GH stairs model and definition

3 GH Lamp model and definition  notes in the model (no video yet)

Grasshopper video tutorial   YouTube video tutorial by Adam Lucking.   Too long (over 30 minutes) but very  good.

Below.... food for thought: 

Digital Toolbox  Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials      (Again, a good place to start)

Designalyze   Grasshopper tutorials for Laser, 3d printing, CNC, etc.

There are several pages of GH tutorial videos here.  You below is one of tutorials located on the first page of videos: 

                Video 1: Parametric Laser

                Video 2 Parametric Laser

                Video 3 Parametric Laser

Essential Mathematics for Computational Design  A Primer with Sample files and tutorials


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