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Teacher Workshop Schedule

Contact Jody Mills  to host a teacher workshop: jody@mcneel.com

SUMMER 2018:

     Kulshan Middle School, Bellingham, WA  

  Photo Album: Kulshan Summer 2018

Links:  Pete's Dome project Kulshan Summer 2018

What else:

     North Creek High School, Mill Creek, WA  

Photos:  North Creek Summer STEM Workshop 2018

Links:    NC 2018 workshop files

Added files, videos, etc: 

  Toad Lake Contour map 7-17-2018

  Dave's Picture Frame file and Image

  Bob Rebuild crvs & srfs

  Mesh Repair EASY steps

  Dave Foundation Plan Sweep1 model

  Grasshopper_0.9.76.0.rhi   Download and Open to load Grasshopper

  Dave Airfoil GH file

  Dave Night Stand Layout

NEW:   Ex 50, 51, 52 w PictureFrame, Curve Boolean, etc 

     ....Download and unzip the folder.  Another way to work on Exercise 50,51, and 52

NEW:   3d print CCHS model video       Download video before playing.

Emphasis:  Rebuild a surface, Direction, Difference, Solid Fillets, Window/crossing selecting

         3dPrintQHSCCHS6232018.3dm  This model goes with the video.

Use Pause and work along with the video  


Current upcoming workshop schedule:

Northwest Tech Products upcoming FREE workshops

Rhino Teacher Workshop schedule

Contact Jody@mcneel.com to register or to host your own teacher workshop.


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