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Basic Tutorials from the Rhino User Guide

  User Guide       This is an updated verson of the User Guide. 

                   The link to the files: V6 User Guide models and files

User Guide & models :       Windows            Mac

(To download the complete User Guide and Models, there are download links on the left of the pages.)


User Guide Tutorials :  (these tutorials work for Windows and Mac users)

Chapters 1 through 5 - Rhino basics

Chp 1:  Rhino Introduction  (pdf)  Practice a few basic commands in Rhino

Chp 2:  Rhino Objects (pdf)      Basic info about Rhino objects

Chp 3:  Selecting Objects (pdf) &  Select Objects model (download)

Chp 4:  Navigating Viewports  (pdf) & Practice using the Start.3dm

Chp 5:  Accurate Modeling (pdf)  & Practice using a new model.  (Practice Ortho on & Ortho off, Osnaps  End-mid-center, Distance and Angle.  Other information will be used later) 

Chapters 6 through 9 - Surfaces, Edits, Transforms, & Analysis

Chp 6:  Create Surfaces from Curves (pdf) & Practice using the following: EdgeSrf.3dmExtrude.3DMLoft.3DMRevolve.3DMRailRev.3dmSweep1.3DMSweep2.3DM

Chp 7:  Edit Curves and Surfaces  (pdf) & Practice using a new model 

Chp 8:  Transforms (pdf) & Practice using the following models:  DragOjects.3dmCopyObjects.3dmRotateScale.3dmMirrorObjects.3dm

Chp 9:  Curve and Surface Analysis (pdf) Any model from Chp 8 above.

Chapters 10 through 11 - Organization, Annotation, & Rendering:

Chp 10:  Organization and Annotation (pdf) & Practice on any model. 

Chp 11:  Render (pdf) & Practice on any model from chp 8 above.

Chapters 12 through 20 - Create some models:

Chp 12:  Pull Toy - Solids & Transforms  (pdf)   Create a new model.

NEW:    Updated Pull Toy models & notes

NEW:    Pull Toy Video 12-18-17

This video deviates from the steps used in the User Guide.  It is my hope that it adds to your modeling skills. It emphasizes Notes, Layer management, Gumball, Curves, and Extrusions.  It is NOT intended to discount the processes used in the User Guide.

Chp 13:  Flashlight - Revolve Curves  (pdf)  Model: Flashlight.3dm

NEW:    User Guide Flashlight model w notes

NEW:     User Guide Flashlight Video

This video deviates from the steps used in the User Guide. Hopefully  the modeler will consider alternative methods in building a model.

Chp 14:  Headphone - Sweep, Loft, Extrude  (pdf)  Model: Headphone.3DM

NEW:  Video (by Mary)  User Guide Headphones Video           

         (This video is over an hour long. Pause and Practice along the way)

Chp 15:  Penguin - Point Editing & Blending (pdf)   Model:  Penguin.3dm

Penguin video model with practice layers and notes: 

                           Penguin User Guide Video model 3-22-2018

Gumball is your best friend when making the penguin.  It adds another tool to your set of Rhino tools.  Give it a  try while making the penguin.

NEW:  Penguin body video

            Penguin eye video

            Penguin beak video

            Penguin Feet video

            Penguin Tail video

            Penguin Wings video

Chp 16:  Boat Hull - Loft & Sweep (pdf)   Model: Victory.3dm

Chp 17:  Dragon Fly-Trace Images (pdf) Images: Dragonfly side , Dragonfly Top

Chp 18:  Wrap Text - Flow along Surface (pdf)   Create a new model.

Chp 19:  Mechanical Part - Make2d & Dimension (pdf)   Model: toolblock.3dm

Chp 20:  Mechanical Part - Layout & Insert Block (pdf)   Modeltoolblock.3dm


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