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Basic Tutorials from the Rhino User Guide

User Guide & models:       Windows            Mac

(To download the User Guide and Models, there are download links on the left of the page.)


User Guide Tutorials:  (these tutorials work for Windows and Mac users)

Chapters 1 through 5 - Rhino basics

Chp 1:  Rhino Introduction  (pdf)  Practice a few basic commands in Rhino

Chp 2:  Rhino Objects (pdf)      Basic info about Rhino objects

Chp 3:  Selecting Objects (pdf) &  Select Objects model (download)

Chp 4:  Navigating Viewports  (pdf) & Practice using the Start.3dm

Chp 5:  Accurate Modeling (pdf)  & Practice using a new model.  (Practice Ortho on & Ortho off, Osnaps  End-mid-center, Distance and Angle.  Other information will be used later) 

Chapters 6 through 9 - Surfaces, Edits, Transforms, & Analysis

Chp 6:  Create Surfaces from Curves (pdf) & Practice using the following: EdgeSrf.3dmExtrude.3DMLoft.3DMRevolve.3DMRailRev.3dmSweep1.3DMSweep2.3DM

Chp 7:  Edit Curves and Surfaces  (pdf) & Practice using a new model 

Chp 8:  Transforms (pdf) & Practice using the following models:  DragOjects.3dmCopyObjects.3dmRotateScale.3dmMirrorObjects.3dm

Chp 9:  Curve and Surface Analysis (pdf) Any model from Chp 8 above.

Chapters 10 through 11 - Organization, Annotation, & Rendering:

Chp 10:  Organization and Annotation (pdf) & Practice on any model. 

Chp 11:  Render (pdf) & Practice on any model from chp 8 above.

Chapters 12 through 20 - Create some models:

Chp 12:  Pull Toy - Solids & Transforms  (pdf)   Create a new model.

NEW:    Pull Toy Start/Finished models & notes

NEW:    User Guide Pull Toy video

Chp 13:  Flashlight - Revolve Curves  (pdf)  Model: Flashlight.3dm

NEW:    Flashlight video model and Notes

NEW:     User Guide Flashlight Video

Chp 14:  Headphone - Sweep, Loft, Extrude  (pdf)  Model: Headphone.3DM

Chp 15:  Penguin - Point Editing & Blending (pdf)   Model: Penguin.3dm

Chp 16:  Boat Hull - Loft & Sweep (pdf)   Model: Victory.3dm

Chp 17:  Dragon Fly-Trace Images (pdf) Images: Dragonfly side , Dragonfly Top

Chp 18:  Wrap Text - Flow along Surface (pdf)   Create a new model.

Chp 19:  Mechanical Part - Make2d & Dimension (pdf)   Model: toolblock.3dm

Chp 20:  Mechanical Part - Layout & Insert Block (pdf)   Modeltoolblock.3dm


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