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Take a look:

Take a look at SectionTools if you have never had the chance.  I think it is a very important tool for many applications, especially for those of you with lasers.

1 Table of Contents (below) SectionTools video:

SectionTools intro video for your laser

2 Download the free SectionTools plugin for your pc:

Food 4 Rhino SectionTools Link

3 SectionTools is now shipping with the Rhino WIP for Windows and Mac:  
Short Overview video

If you own v7 Rhino, you can download the WIP for the next version of Rhino.  


Screw Vise Project for your router

Pete has spent some time with his 'Shark' router creating tooling for you and your students to create.  Here is a 'teaser':  


Schedule a Teacher Workshop at your school:

It is time to begin thinking about hosting a Rhino Teacher workshop. Give Jody a shout or email any of us to kick the idea around: bobkoll@mcneel.  Pete@mcneel.com.  Davew@mcneel.com

To schedule a Rhino workshop at your school, contact Jody Mills:     jody@mcneel.com


New to Rhino?  'Getting Started' tab at the top of the page  is very helpful


Table of Contents Pdf (download it)


SubD, start here:  Rhino Learn SubD page:


Some early SubD intro videos  Download the list and click the links

A great place to practice basic SubD skills.


A Kyle video: Making a guitar w SubD

First 20 minutes: curves, curves & curves. 'Design', 'Transitions'. 'Smooth curves', 'Copy and paste' curves.


SubD Kayak model and fabricated kayak

by Dave Weidkamp

Paper and Pencil exercises for students with limited access to Rhino:   

Sketching & Drafting to encourage Paper/Pencil projects. 

Pete's 'one-pagers'   Sketching

Pete's 'one-pagers'   Drafting.  (see table of contents below)

Shed Design Project is a sketching project too


Consider the Rhino Cloud Zoo to help with student use of the school Rhino license:

Using Rhino remotely, including Rhino Cloud Zoo 

Download Rhino    Install the 90 day Rhino license.  

Buy a 'students & faculty' license so you own Rhino.


Click on the images:    A Link will take you to the page.


Click  on the images:

Click  on the images:

Click  on the images:

All Project Posts w search box

Table of Contents

Download. Open w Acrobat Reader. Use 'Search'.

  Click on the links to open the pages. 


Rhino Training Manuals and User Guide

'Cheat Sheet' v5-v6  L1  Exercises    'Cheat Sheet'    

 Download this pdf 'Cheat Sheet' with LINKS.

Created to help you update exercise #'s, assignments, & rubrics



New to Rhino, Start here    Getting Started with Rhino page

Posts: (use Search box)      Posts, Projects, Tutorials, Videos

Tutorials/projects:(Scroll)  Tutorials / Projects/ Video page

User Guide Tutorials:      Tutorials in User Guide and Videos

Training materials:            v6 Training Materials

Rhino Gallery:                   Gallery of Student Work

Rhino Home Page

 For all things Rhino.  Use 'Search' box. 

Google     'Rhino in Education'  and just about anything else Rhino related.


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