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Inventables      Hardware Store for designers. 

FIRST Robotic Resources   Some history,  2013 FRC Rhino arena model,  and 2013 FRC Rhino parts models.

Food 4 Rhino   The place for Rhino Plugins and hdri Textures

Grasshopper  The location for 'everything' Grasshopper.

Rhino Fab Lab   See what is happening with design and digital fabrication.   Join in and be part of the 'Fab Lab'.

Rhino3d.tv   The place to go for some great video tutorials

Simply Rhino UK   Some new V5 videos.  Very well done.


Some STEM 'white papers'   from the Curriculum Guide


After ITEEA conference Mar 6, 3013:  I spent quite a bit of time in STEM sessions.  I am, at this time, concluding that STEM is still in its infancy; nobody really knows what they are doing but they think they know where they are going.  Depending on who I talked to and/or listened to, I got different information and opinions in answer to this question: 

Where is STEM today?   One conclusion for today: People are waiting for the 'common core standards' in math and science before they are willing to define what STEM is today.  The science 'core' is in the beta level of development. The people selling curriculum packages, of course, have the answers.  Just ask them.  There seems to be a lot of money 'out there'.  People are hanging it all on STEM.  School districts have created STEM schools.  

My Goal: To get useful STEM information in the upcoming V5 Rhino Instructor/curriculum guide in a useful format.

Conclusion:  Spend time on the T in stem.   Make sure your students have the output tools to create real projects. From scissors to coping saws, bandsaws, and table saws to plasma cutters, lasers and cnc mills/routers, we need our students to design and build 'stuff'.  This is our success in tech ed and will continue to be.  Further,  if you correctly do the T part, the E, S, and M will be easy to define and measure.  Remember, we don't have to 'make it up'.  E,S, and M have always been big parts of our success in Tech Ed.

2015:   Add your thoughts on STEM.


Math Concepts in Rhino   To get answers to your questions about the mathematical principles involved in 3-D modeling.  It looks like this is a place where there are math 'state core standards'.

Teacher Wiki page  Some old and new teacher resources.  Needs some additions, corrections, deletions.  Send me an email bobk@mcneel.com

















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