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This is an unorganized collection of 'stuff'.  In time it will be added to the 'posts' and organized with the table of contents.  Scroll down and you might find some 'nuggets'.

Rhino Training Manuals and Models link

(for Rhino 6 and beyond)

Level one training manual and models

Level two training manual and models


Kulshan Pumpkin start video 10-24-2018

(download the videos for best results)

 Kulshan Pumpkin start model 10-24-2018

 Kulshan Pumpkin Finished video 10-26-2018

Kulshan Pumpkin Finished model 10-26-2018


BoltGen AND GearGen.   Scroll down the page for more info.

BoltGen for Rhino PC           BoltGen for Rhino mac

GearGen for Rhino v4 v5 v6

Video:  GearGen Load Script 2-8-18

Video: GearGen Command Alias 2-8-18

Gear Plugin for Rhino:  "RhinoGears" (try it out)

 RhinoGears installer PC       RhinoGears installer mac

                                   commands:  InvoluteGear  and Rack

Videos on this page: 

[All videos are the result of teachers who thought a video would be of value to them as they build their Rhino skills]

       (scroll down the page; there are models associated with most of these videos)

 V5  Inkscape to Rhino video

V6 'Trace' video link      images ( Images for practice )

2d to 3d house Video Part One

2d to 3d house Video Part Two

Video: Flow Along Curve w History 2-9-18

Night Stand Layout    scroll down page for zip file w models, etc

3d print CCHS model video       scroll down page for the model file.

Golf Ball Box part one

Golf Ball Box part two (Tabs)

Creating a basic Layout (mechanical)

Creating a basic layout (Architectural)

Duck Eyeball basics... Video

Kyle's Videos: Preparing to 3d-print

Render the Drill video

Polyhedron Plugin video & Unroll the pattern

Rotate3d practice with Puzzle model

Gumball Practice with Start Model

Canoe model (Loft exercise with 'more')

GearGen Video (Make it a permanent 'command' in Rhino)


Video: Flow Along Curve w History

Model: Flow Along Crv w history

Emphasizes 'CrvSeam command' and 'Record History' before running 'FlowAlongCrv' command.


2d to 3d House.

Use your 2d floor plan lines and curves, foundation cross sections & then practice with Extrudes, Sweeps, Unions and then use Boss, Rib, Extrude To Surface. Extrude curves to make windows and doors.  Sweep to create some interior and exterior molding.

2d to 3d house model Part One

2d to 3d house model Part Two

2d to 3d Model Notes doc file

Video: 2d to 3d house Video Part One

Video: 2d to 3d house Video Part Two


Inkscape will 'auto-trace' images for importing into Rhino:

Inkscape Download page

Images for practice

Inkscape to Rhino model w notes

Curve Boolean Frog w notes

V5  Inkscape to Rhino video


Use Trace plugin for v6...below

Trace plugin:

V6  v7      "Trace" plug-in is now Vectorize

Food4Rhino page: Click this link

 v6 Trace video link

11x8.5 Layout & Template tutorial  (mechanical)

   Create a Layout and Template (mechanical) pdf

   Sample mechanical inches model

   Border Title Date mech.3dm

Video: Creating a basic Layout (mechanical) 

11x8.5 Layout tutorial  (architectural):

Create a Layout (architectural) pdf

2728 Plan and Architectural model

11x8.5 Border with corner title

Video: Creating a basic layout (architectural)

11x8.5 Layout tutorial  (cabinet and cutting list):

 With: PictureFrame images, Exploded cabinet, Revision cloud, Leaders.      Thanks to Mike Vieira of Sitka High School for this project.

Download and Open the following zipped file:

Night Stand Exploded - Layout Files

Video:   Night Stand Layout

3d printing: Two basic tutorials and Kyle's videos:                                       

 3 steps to 3d printing

File, Notes contains 'step by step' process to get your model to 3d-print every time.

  Mesh Repair using SelOpenMesh   Steps in Notes.

This will introduce you to SelOpenMesh, your new 'best friend'.  Also SelClosedMesh, SelOpenPolysrf, SelClosedPolysrf.  

3d print QHS & CCHS desk plaque w Notes

Emphasis:  Rebuild a flat surface to get some wavy shapes, fillets on a solid model, 'sculpting' the tops of the CCHS text.

The Video: 

 3d print CCHS model video

Kyle's Videos: Preparing to 3d-print 


Duck Model eyeball tricks:


Duck model with eyeballs and instructions

Click:  File, Notes for Instructions showing how to get the eyeballs to work for you and your students. 

  Orient various eyes on Duck... Video

Making a paper box  word document.  (click the link and the doc file will download to your computer)

GolfBallBoxnotes02052019.3dm.  Part One. Use this model and notes to make a box that contains a golf ball.  (Open the model, click File, click Notes. Follow the instructions     Golf Ball Box part two (Tabs model). Part Two


Video:      Golf Ball Box part one                 

Video:      Golf Ball Box part two (Tabs)

Pi Tape

Render the Drill by Brian James

The Model:  The Drill model



Polyhedron Plugin

1 Polyhedron Plugin Download

2 Video tutorial, UnjoinEdge, Unroll

Puzzle Fold Rotate3d move

This video tutorial uses the Puzzle Fold model.  Step by step process is in File, Notes.  The model:  Puzzle Fold model


Gumball Practice

This video is based on the Start.3dm

model in the Level One Training manual.

The model:  Start w Gumball model

Canoe Model and Video post

Canoe 24 model

Canoe 24 video at VImeo 



  Working with Cplanes model 

Information is in the model (File, Notes).




Bolt Gen:

Bolt Gen Post page 

with link to McVan Aerospace, the Bolt Gen developer


GearGen for Rhino v4 v5 v6 by Thomas Anagnostou.

                                Remember to 'unzip' the downloaded file

                                                         Link to his home Page  

GearGen tutorial model w notes 2-8-18  

                                              Make a 60 tooth 3" gear. Information is in File, Notes.  

Make GearGen easy to access in Rhino:  

Video below shows the command LoadScript so GearGen is 'loaded' and easily accessible in Rhino:

Video:  GearGen Load Script 2-8-18

Video below shows how to create the 'Alias' so  GearGen command is permanent in Rhino:

 Video: GearGen Command Alias


 Build a House with Rhino Tutorial





Roof design and model

    Roof Design Basics





Fold up Puzzle animated model

Puzzle fold-up model

Animated puzzle model video


Laser-cut Table Lamp Model 2 models, 1 image, Instructions in Notes




Rube Goldberg Design Brief


User Guide and Models Rhino V5

Rhino User Guide pdf v5

Rhino User Guide models v5


User Guide and Models Rhino V4

Rhino User Guide pdf v4

Rhino User Guide models v4




Rhino 3d.tv  Rhino, Grasshopper, Bongo, Flamingo nxt tutorial

Google  Rhino3d tutorial

Rhino Jungle   Lots of great stuff here

Rhino tutorials at Vimeo.com

Beginner Rhino tutorials at Vimeo.com

Rhino3d videos at YouTube




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