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Tutorials for your use:

Inkscape will 'auto-trace' images for importing into Rhino:

Inkscape Download page

Images for Practice

Inkscape to Rhino Model w Notes

Curve Boolean Frog w notes

11x8.5 Layout & Template tutorial  (mechanical)

   Create a Layout and Template (mechanical) pdf

   Sample mechanical inches model

   11x8.5 Border with bottom Title

Video: Creating a basic Layout (mechanical) 

11x8.5 Layout tutorial  (architectural):

Create a Layout (architectural) pdf

Plan & Layouts Architectural model

11x8.5 Border with corner title

Video: Creating a basic layout (architectural)

11x8.5 Layout tutorial  (cabinet and cutting list):

 With: PictureFrame images, Exploded cabinet, Revision cloud, Leaders.      Thanks to Mike Viera of Sitka High School for this project.

Night Stand model

11 x 8.5 Border with Bottom Title

Cutting List

Night Stand Layout Instructions doc

3d printing: Two basic tutorials and Kyle's videos:                                       

 3 steps to 3d-printing

File, Notes contains 'step by step' process to get your model to 3d-print every time.

Mesh Repair for bad Mesh Model.   This will introduce you to SelOpenMesh, your new 'best friend'.  Also SelClosedMesh, SelOpenPolysrf, SelClosedPolysrf.  

Step by Step 3d-Printed Desk Plaque

File, Notes contains the 'step by step' process.  Scale to fit if needed. 


Kyle's Videos: Preparing to 3d-print 


Duck Model eyeball tricks:


Duck eyeball model

Click:  File, Notes for Instructions and hints to 'why' the eyeball is 'angled' in the head.   (Perhaps you want to angle the eyeballs)

 Spheres & Ellipsoid ducky eyes  with notes too

Orient Sphere eye on Duck... Video

Pi Tape

Render the Drill by Brian James

The Model:  The Drill model



Polyhedron Plugin

1 Polyhedron Plugin Download

2 Video tutorial, UnjoinEdge, Unroll

Puzzle Fold Rotate3d move

This video tutorial uses the Puzzle Fold model.  Step by step process is in File, Notes.  The model:  Puzzle Fold model


Gumball Practice

This video is based on the Start.3dm

model in the Level One Training manual.

The model:  Start w Gumball model

Canoe Model and Video ... for laser cutting

Canoe 24 model

Canoe 24 video at YouTube 

 Canoe 24 video downloadable



  Working with Cplanes model 

Information is in the model (File, Notes).




Bolt Gen:      BoltGen.zip 

1 Download, unZip, and place in the Rhinoceros Plug-in Folder.

2 In Rhino, choose Tools, Options, Plug-Ins, and Install BoltGen. Rhino command is BoltGen.

BoltGen site and more 'stuff'.

note:  If need more than one bolt, make it a 'block' and then use 'insert'.  

Gear Gen:

GearGen script by Thomas Anagnostou.

                                                         Link to his home Page  

   (Note:  V4 GearGen works perfectly with V5 Rhino)

Gear Tutorial bk 6-28-2016.zip  

                                              Make a 60 tooth 3" gear. Information is in File, Notes.  

Video to make GearGen a 'command' in Rhino:  

                    GearGen Video (Make it an alias in Rhino)


Gear Design model w Notes (ps)

Information in File, Notes.





 Build a House with Rhino Tutorial




1 House Foundation

2 House Pony walls and Framing

3 House Framing with Blocks


Roof design and model

House Roof design





Fold up Puzzle animated model

Puzzle fold-up model

Animated puzzle model video


Laser-cut Table Lamp Model 2 models, 1 image, Instructions in Notes




Rube Goldberg Design Brief


User Guide and Models Rhino V5

Rhino User Guide pdf v5

Rhino User Guide models v5


User Guide and Models Rhino V4

Rhino User Guide pdf v4

Rhino User Guide models v4




Rhino 3d.tv  Rhino, Grasshopper, Bongo, Flamingo nxt tutorial

Google  Rhino3d tutorial

Rhino Jungle   Lots of great stuff here

Rhino tutorials at Vimeo.com

Beginner Rhino tutorials at Vimeo.com

Rhino3d videos at YouTube




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