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Laser-cut table lamp & Modify with Grasshopper

The model is of the lamp below. This model and videos are generated to get you working with Grasshopper. Grasshopper is an amazing tool for modifying already existing models.  The video is an attempt to show you how it can work for you.    Bob Koll (bobkoll@mcneel.com)

Table Lamp Rhino model:

Rhino model w notes download the model 

Video: Rhino, create the lamp

Grasshopper Definitions:

 GH Lamp Pt 1, GH Lamp Pt 2, GH Lamp Pt 3

     Video:  Grasshopper, Lamp part 1

     Video:  Grasshopper, Lamp part 2

     Video: Grasshopper, Lamp part 3

Video:  Tricks to show students after they work through videos 1,2,3

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