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Rhino makes a lamp & Grasshopper modifies it

It might be time to get started with Grasshopper.  This set of models and videos is generated to help you begin. Let me know if it works for you.  Give me a shout if you need any clarification. 

Bob Koll (bobkoll@mcneel.com)

Table Lamp Rhino model:

Rhino model w notes download the model 

Video: Rhino, create the lamp

Grasshopper: GH Lamp Pt 1, GH Lamp Pt 2, GH Lamp Pt 3

Video:  Grasshopper, Lamp part 1

Video:  Grasshopper, Lamp part 2

Video: Grasshopper, Lamp part 3

Video:  Tricks to show students after they work through videos 1,2,3

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