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Drafting.. A look at a 'basic' worth revisiting

The 'basics' is what the sketching and drafting posts are about.  In today's school environment there are other ways to teach design.  This is an attempt to fill in some blanks for teachers who have spent little time sketching and drawing.  Simply put, it is our attempt to encourage time with a pencil and paper for both teachers and students. 

Build up your library.  There are many $5.00 books 'out there'.  Thriftbooks is a site I use and buy from.    Use their 'search box'.


      For sure, use Google:  Engineering Drafting and design books, used


A book you might want to get hold of:  Drafting Problems by Paul Wallach    

ISBN   0-02-629620-6       Used at Amazon.       <$20.00  Book at Amazon Link

Sketching, Isometric, Orthographic, Perspective, dimensioning, and all things 'drafting'.

Thriftbooks.com  & betterbooks.com    are two sources for some of the books pictured below:

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