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Listen to Bob Koll for his first web presentation on how to find and locate resources that will help you teach Rhino.

In this webinar, Bob will look in detail at how to use the Rhino in Education Web Site http://rhino3du.ning.com/, Rhino On Line Curriculum Guide http://wiki.mcneel.com/people/rhino5cir and some of the related resources like the User Guide, L1 Guide, certain videos and other links to help you successfully implement Rhino in your classroom.

This video is helpful to anyone who has to teach a Rhino class or section this year. In addition, Rhino in Education web site is covered as a way to collaborate, network and share ideas about what works and what does not in the Rhino classroom.

Bob Koll is the Lead Teacher Educator at McNeel. Bob specializes in teaching teachers how to incorporate Rhino into their current design or shop curriculum.

Bob’s experience includes 32 years teaching high school tech classes. He now stays current by visiting high school programs around the US, helping teachers who teach Digital Design and Digital Fabrication in their classrooms.

Please email Bob Koll bobk@mcneel.com or Mary Fugier mary@mcneel.com if you have any questions.

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