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GearGen for v5 v6 w added model & video


GearGen download for Rhino v4 v5 v6 by Thomas Anagnostou.

 Remember to 'unzip' the downloaded file

 Link to Thomas' home Page  

Model:   GearGen tutorial model w notes 12-6-18

                                              Make a 60 tooth 3" gear. Information is in File, Notes.  

Video:   GearGen tutorial video 11-6-18

Make GearGen easier to access in Rhino:  

The following is the 'easiest way' to access GearGen:

Video: GearGen Drag and Drop   shows how to 'drag and drop' load  GearGen in Rhino.

Other options for a 'permanent GearGen command' in Rhino :

Video:  GearGen Load Script 2-8-18   shows the command "LoadScript" so GearGen is 'loaded' and easily accessible in Rhino.

Video: GearGen Command Alias   shows how to create the 'Alias' so  GearGen command is permanent in Rhino:


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