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GearGen download files by Thomas Anagnostou.    'Extract' the downloaded file.    Both 'GearFromCircle'  and 'GearGen' are in this dowloaded file.  

GearFromCircle  The .py file is the RhinoPython file.   (Mac and PC)

GearGen    The .rvb file is the RhinoScript file.     (PC only)

 Link to Thomas' home Page  Lots of good stuff here.

Food4Rhino page showing Gear Generator is here:: GearGen on Food4Rhino page

Model:   GearGen tutorial model w notes 12-6-18

                                              Make a 60 tooth 3" gear. Information is in File, Notes.  

Video:   GearGen tutorial video 11-6-18

Download the mp4 before playing it.  For some reason it seems to work better.


Model by Pete: 

Gear Design model w Notes

Information in File, Notes.



Make GearGen easier to access in Rhino:  

Video: GearGen Command Alias   shows how to create the 'Alias' so  GearGen command is permanent in Rhino:  (pc)   

Alias =    Name: 'GearFromCircle'    Command Macro: Change 'Loadscript' to 'RunPythonScript' 


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