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Deck Design: 1 Deck 2 Stairs 3 Railing. Research, Sketch, Report

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Comment by Dave Weidkamp on April 22, 2020 at 9:58am

Beutiful - clean simple project - I really like it and would apply it immediately.

As an extension add Simpson products.   Show where to get a Simpson information such as EPB44


Discussions  -- 

Why are the hold downs necessary? 

What are lateral and vertical loads?

What do engineers do?

(many contractors have asked that question).

Code confirmation -- Why are the handrails at 36" high? 

Why is the baluster spacing so that a 4" ball cannot pass through? 

Is it required to have a handrail on the steps? 

Background -  Railing height - old victorian houses often had handrails at 18 - 24" and people fell over the railings

4" ball requirement-- the diameter of a small child's head is about 4 1/2 " if the opening is more there is a chance for them to poke their head through and injure themself .

Everyone knows engineers drive trains.


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