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Questions I need answers for to become a Rhino Training Center

I lecture at San Diego State University and would like to make our school a Rhino Training Center.  We already teach a "Digital Fabrication for Art and Design" course in our School of Art and Design, and one day may become a Rhino FabLab.  Baby steps first though...  One of the hurdles to get this started is that I need some info that I am not sure how to answer with out some data, so I come to you!  Here are some specific question from the form:
1. Please describe how you determined a need for this course/program. Proposal may not be considered without evidence of market viability. Include detail needs assessment methodology- surveys, focus groups, research, etc… and include all relevant data and results.
2. What audiences, groups or organizations would be attracted to your class? Be specific. The closer we can target the advertising for a program the more likely it is to increase enrollment.
Another question I received was that this course might only be offered for a couple of years, unless:
3. Will technology progression warrant continued innovation and instruction?
Any sentiments on these points are very welcomed.
Reuben Foat

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Please, download the PDF that talk a little bit about a RhinoFabStudio, you can find it at:


Feel fee to contact me if you have more questions at andres@mcneel.com 


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