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Rhino V 7 Sub D tools introduction and designing with pushing and pulling geometry.

If you have grown tired of teaching CAD and the students roll their eyes at the concept of drawing another widget.

Try adding some creativity . Simple rules - many answers.   This project utilizes the Sub D tools in Rhino V7.


Starting with some hard points (points that are given and don't change) design a bike frame.

The only rules are :  You must use the four locations :  Front and rear wheel hub centers, The location of the head tube. and location of the seat post.  How these are connected with a frame is entirely up to the students.  Creative designs are encouraged.

A difficult part drawing a bike design has always been the connection of the  frame components. Sub D tools make this a viable project for even the novice student.

I have a couple of video post on using Sub D tools. There will be more coming soon.

Sub D branch -- an introduction to building the connection points on a tube.


Rhino Sub D CF bike frame - a tutorial on how I built a Carbon Fiber bike frame.


If you have any questions  and or comments please contact me.



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