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Steps to program Engraving in Rhino 5 and importing images

I am new to Rhino 5 and am teaching a manufacturing class at 8th grade level. We have a new Trotec Rayjet engraver cutter. My students were able to use this engraver with carrel draw last year. I am looking for the steps for engraving using rhino. Our first project is a name plate engraved into wood. I would also like to know how to import a graphic design into rhino and change the format to what Rhino can read and print. My students are fairly new to the rhino program as I am myself. Does anyone have step by step procedures to accomplish these tasks?

Kirk Parker

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Good call moving to Rhino .  We used Corel Draw the first little while when we got a laser as well.

A few questions to start.

What is the power of the laser?  What is the wood your engraving on? (setting the speed and power levels)

What types of images are you engraving?  Photos? Logo? Text? Black and white / color?

Are you doing inlay or marquetry? (just a couple more steps that an engraving but a lot more pop and opportunities for creativity).

I can design a short tutorial for you if that would help.

In between I use Pictureframe command in Rhino to bring in images.  They can be printed directly from this -- recognize they are going to be a raster image. To get sharper cleaner edges you can trace the logo and use a vector engrave to make the edges much crisper.

Feel free to contact me.


I hope you have 'played' with the 'picture frame' command.  I think it is what you are wanting. bk

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