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Trace Plugin for v6 Rhino ... Vectorize for v7

Vectorize plugin for Rhino 7 Windows and Mac.

Trace plugin for Rhino 6 Windows and Mac.


In Rhino 7, Trace is replaced with Vectorize 

The Link:  Vectorize for Rhino 7

The Link:  Trace plug-in. Download and Dbl-click


Images for Trace practice

The Video:  Trace Video    (video will demonstrate the steps listed below):

1 cmd: Trace. (as you 'play' with the settings remember the 'Default Value' button... don't worry)

2 cmd:  SelOpenCrv.   Used to find open curves. 

3 cmd:  'ShowEnds' will help you locate the openings.  A new command with CrvStart, CrvEnd, etc to help you locate the openings in your curves.

4 Use an appropriate command(s) to 'close' up the open curve(s) with the goal of 'closed' geometry.



For v5 users, Inkscape is a useful tool to create curves from an image.  Scroll down Projects/Tutorials/Tab.

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