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Sherwood Bowmen Rhino Assignment chart

Sherwood High School, Sherwood, Oregon

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Sherwood HS CAD Assignments

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Sherwood Shared Resources

This spreadsheet of assignments guides students through the Rhino Training Manual's exercises. It is intended to be used sequentially, from the top down, with students filling in completion dates (yellow spreadsheet columns E & F) on their own personal copy as they finish each exercise. Creative assignments outside of the Training Manual (some inspired by the TUTORIALS/PROJECTS/VIDEO section of this site!) are interspersed, and supporting materials are housed in the shared Google Drive folder linked- each project has a folder that should contain a corresponding worksheet (XY Initials just uses 1/4" grid paper). The "Pacing" is based 70 minute class periods and the graph pulls from the Pacing Table at the bottom. In my 12 week class, we typically get 50-55 work days. Please reach out with questions, clarifications, or if something appears to have been omitted.

Teacher:  Clark Farrand


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