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Skis and Snowboards Built in the classroom

For the last 9 years I have been creating a ski building system that lends itself to school construction.  Production skis are built in presses but that is expensive and creates a single ski type.  The Research and Development teams of ski companies use vacuumed rocker tables to create on of a kind skis.  This lends itself to school since it is the design and construction of their own ski that matters.

The process is documented in my classroom web page

Last year I got a new CNC Router.  I have been working out the process to produce the parts using the CNC mill.  The CNC is especially useful for templates, bases, and cores.

Below I will put some pictures of our students making the parts.  In addition I will be working on creating a instruction on how the do this process using CNC techniques.

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Comment by John Hadley on July 21, 2015 at 11:34am

Here are the Directions to create a set of CAD files to make ski or snowboard parts.  This has now been added to the web page above and will be updated as I get some time.  It shows how to create a board template, base template, cores, and spacers.


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