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Sitka H.S. Tech Ed now in the digital age with 'real' parts as the outcome

Rhino is their main design tool as they move forward with their design and manufacturing in South East Alaska.  I had the chance to do their initial Rhino training to get them ready for their 'adventure' with John Niebergall from Sherwood High School in Oregon.  He brought his 'bag of tricks' to Sitka to get them started on the collaboration.  John continues to work with Randy Hughey (click link below) as they move ahead in 'collaborative design and fabrication'.    (sounds like a nice title to start using)

Thoughts for other teachers to consider:

1 At least one other school participates in the process so several 'designers' and 'fabricators' are working on the same design problems. 

2 Share data and information electronically.  The 'web' is the tool of communication, design, and manufacturing. 

3 Different schools with varying capabilities can do different parts of the fabrication

4 Write this up as you go; journals, rubrics, STEM, State and national standards, etc must be part of this.

5 Let people know what you are doing:  Parents, Administrators, Boards, Media, Tech schools, Colleges, local related industry people, etc.

6 Creat a Blog (or blogs that are linked school to school) and keep it up to date.

7 Option:  All 'parts of the puzzle' are shared and assembled at a common location so all can see the 'fruits of their labor'.

8 Option:  Perhaps the students, teachers, and other collaborators come together at one of the schools as part of a conference, Event, or festival of some kind.

Congrats to Randy Hughey and the other teachers in South East Alaska as they move ahead.


Sitka Sentinel Article

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Comment by Cory Torppa on July 15, 2012 at 8:58am

I love the idea of teachers collaborating across the states.  That is an amazing project you and John are involved with in South East Alaska.  Let me know if there is any way I can help.

Comment by Cory Torppa on July 9, 2012 at 3:34pm

I would love to get my students involved with working with students in Alaska.  Any ideas? 


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