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Pumpkin tutorial from Kulshan Middle school

v6 Rhino notes:  Open the ...Finished model below. (It is a v5 Rhino model).  Run this command: 'Rendering' (opens the rendering panel). Go to the bottom  and click 'Reset to Defaults'.  Set the Perspective view to 'Rendered' display mode. Save the model with a new name.  Render the model. 

It is a fun model to render on the pc or the mac.  'Plastic' material works well, color orange, of course.

Models:  Kulshan Pumpkin start model 10-24-2018

            Kulshan Pumpkin Finished model 10-26-2018

Notes:     Notes Kulshan Pumpkin project

Video:   Kulshan Pumpkin start video 10-24-2018

Hint:  Download the videos before playing for better results.

Video:   Kulshan Pumpkin Finished video 02-13-2019

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