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Mesh Rhino ready to cut for your classroom wall: CNC or Laser

Model:  'Rhino Head' (image) downloaded from the internet

Series of 5 videos:   (Videos 5 to 6 minutes each)

Reduce Mesh count:                                                                  video 1 of 5

Cut sections with the Contour command:                                  video 2 of 5

Rebuild the curves:                                                                    video 3 of 5

Project to Cplane, Remap, and Nest for cutting:                         video 4 of 5

Section Tools; your new best friend for contours and nesting:   video 5 of 5

  SectionTools:  FREE.  Download and install for v5 or v6 Rhino at Food4Rhino

         Ferndale High School                                                 Kulshan Middle School

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