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Guitars in the Classroom


Have you had a kid in class want to make a guitar? Many of us "woodshop" teachers have. Well the idea has resurfaced with me and some shop friends. Here is a great site "guitarbuilding.org" check them out. NSF backed this and has some really good stuff.

I have connected with some folks that believe this could be a great STEAM project for kids and teachers. I have been working on multiple collaborative projects with other high schools, community colleges and business.…


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The 'maker movement' creates D.I.Y. revolution


This one is worth the read. Let me know what you think. Anyone you know get a DARPA grant?


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Manufacturing-Job Growth Prompts K-12 Training Effort

Here is another article that might help you educate other folks about what we are doing down in the "shops". Education Week in read by many administrators.

Keep me informed on your success.



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A back-to-the-future strategy for education reform

Hello All,

Interesting article about how digital design and manufacturing is evolving here in Oregon. We (CTE) teachers are being recognized as a real asset. 



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Come backs to the 3D printed Gun Topics

I dislike it when folks use the "fear factor" of 3D printing by bringing up 3D printed guns.  Now I direct them to these great news stories:


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Articles of Interest: RP, 3D Printing, STEM, Digital Design and Manufacturing

Here goes, you might find these interesting and useful to help others know what we are up to. I will post as I see useful articles, or better yet, you post as you find good stuff to share. JN


Oregon must strengthen career, technical education: Guest…


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Wanted: A Print Button for 3-D Objects

Here is another great article. MIT Technology Review:

Wanted: A Print Button for 
3-D Objects

A lack of accessible design tools is holding back 3-D printing.

Those of you teaching Rhino 3D are on the right track.

. Thanks Dr. Bill


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3D Printing Article

Here is another article to share with your students, administrators and champions of Digital Fabrication. I read this in the Bend Bullitin today.

Design it, print it – in 3D

• New technology offers businesses a low-cost option

By …

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Are you thinking of a girls only class?


We have had a girls only class for Construction and Engineering for a couple years. If you are considering this type of class, here are a few links that might help you.

Newspaper article

CBS News…


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Curriculum, Worksheets and other Class Items

I use this Handout  logo%20project%20instructions%20V5.doc and Rhino file 4x4%203%20logo.3dm early in Engineering 1 and NBA. Please feel free to use this and make improvement. All I ask is you share back with me and the Rhino group. JN

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