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Tootsie Pop: Plane, Rebuild, Revolve, PointEdit, Twist, Texture, Direction

Model:    Tootsie model w Notes

Use this model and follow the notes and/or video below to  create the Tootsie

   Wrappers:    Tootsie Wrappers

The Tootsie wrappers are in this zipped file.


Video:    Tootsie Pop Video


                                                                                   This model is a v5 model with a v5 video.

                                        If you think a new video is needed, let me know (bobkoll@mcneel.com).

A couple of notes: 

Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 rendering 'look and feel' is improved and easier to use.  

The Direction command (dir) previews in 'real time' as you run the command.  Very nice.

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