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Shed project (as a Sketch, takeoff, and purchase project)

Projects to go with this series of updated/changed shed models:

Research and 'purchase' each and every part of the shed model. Be aware of the lengths of lumber to be purchased vs the length of lumber to be cut on the job.

Sketch each part of the shed beginning with the pier block.  (Both Isometric sketches AND orthographic sketches.)

Sketch the entire shed model.  

Fill out the Takeoff and purchase list for this project. 

Of course make changes to the shed to meet your needs.  Maybe you need to add a window.  This will require more 2x4 material for the wall and more 2x6 material for the header. 

Shed Model start 9-7-2020 (Start model)

    Notes will be changed as the model becomes more complete.

Shed Model with takeoff and purchase page added 9-11-2020

   The 'Shed Takeoff & Purchase List', below, is added to this model using the Import command in Rhino.

Added notes & added info: Takeoff & Purchase 9-16-2020

Shed Takeoff & Purchase List model

                     Download and 'import' into the Shed model (above).

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