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Kelso 101 and 102 sessions Summer 2015

Some of my thoughts as I put these sessions together:  (some one-liners)

"Tips, Tricks, Clarifications" was the phrase I posted on the whiteboard.   All of us gather this stuff as we watch another person model.  Have a notepad handy so you can jot down some of these things for your own learning. How about using 'Notes' command in Rhino for this?

Chronology:  curves, surfaces, polysurfaces:  Clean curves lead to clean surfaces ... lead to clean polysurfaces ... give you clean meshes or whatever geometry your output tool requires.

Clean = Keep it Simple.   Accurate.  Use Rhino constraints of Distance and Angle. Remember "Pick = LMC [Left Mouse Click]" (My opinion: the most important concept LEFT-OUT of the Rhino training materials).

Command line options:  Keep your eye glued to them and try them. You will know what they will do for you. Command Help:  This needs to be the 'panel' that is obvious when you are practicing new commands.

Status-Bar Buttons:  right click on these buttons takes you directly to the settings for the buttons (rather than using Options command and trying to find the settings).   

Vports are actually this:  Vports and Cplanes.  Each cplane has its own xyz for ease of construction and navigation.

Fillets, Blends, ExtractSrf, Remodel the model, Trims and Splits, etc

Just the thoughts as I generated the content for these two sessions.   Remember Bob's two ear theory.


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