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2d to 3d House for practicing Sweeps, Extrusions, Deformation tools, etc

2d to 3d House     

(not intended as a structural house model; much is missing)

Use your 2d floor plan lines and curves, foundation cross sections & then practice with Extrudes, Sweeps, Unions and then use Boss, Rib, Extrude To Surface. Extrude curves to make windows and doors.  Sweep to create some interior and exterior molding.

2d to 3d house model Part One

                                               2d to 3d house model Part Two

                                               2d to 3d Model Notes...

Videos updated to Vimeo, 5-5-20

Video: 2d to 3d house Video Part One  

Video: 2d to 3d house Video Part Two


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