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Looking for good high school 3D Modelling Course Description


I am in the initial stages of putting together a proposal to our curriculum committee for a 3D Modeling semester long elective.  This would be a course designed for high school aged students with little to no 3D experience.  We will be using Rhino running on single-monitor PC's.  I would also like to be able to print simple models using an extrusion type 3D printer (Makerbot Replicator or something similar).

If anyone has or knows of a good syllabus or description for such an introductory course, I would like to hear about it.



Seabury Hall

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Hi Martin,

I am adding a file for a class I start teaching this week for Concordia University at my local community college - Portland CC. I almost have the week outline for you.

I will also attach the outline for a Rhino web class I took from Central Washington Univ this summer.

Hope your Fall has been good.




This is brilliant!  With a few tweaks here and there it's exactly what I am after.  Thanks for sharing.  I just realized that I forgot to look you up while we were dropping our daughter off at Pacific University back in August.  Anyway, best of luck with your year and I'll keep you in the loop as to how things progress at my school.



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